Francisco Paulin Martinez Facultad

Disadvantages of ICTs from the perspective of learning. To know more about this subject visit A. F. Chief of Staff . -Distractions. Students are sometimes devoted to play rather than work. -Dispersion. Browsing through the attractive spaces on the Internet, full of interesting and varied aspects, inclined users to deviate from the objectives of your search. -Loss of time. Many times lost long time looking for the information that is needed: excess of available information, dispersion and presentation atomized, lack of method in the search – not reliable information. On the Internet there is much information that is not reliable: partial, incorrect, outdated – incomplete and superficial learning.

The free interaction of the students with these materials, to consolidate the learnings, and they confuse knowledge with the accumulation of data not always quality and often decontextualised, can provide incomplete learning with visions of reality simplistic and shallow. Accustomed to the immediacy, the students are reluctant to spend the necessary time – very rigid dialogues. Didactic materials require the prior formalization of matter which is intended to teach and that the author has planned roads and dialogues that students follow. -Partial view of reality. Programs present a visions of reality, not reality as it is. -Anxiety. Continuous interaction with the computer can cause anxiety in students.

From my perspective, we can leverage the advantages offered by ICTs and disadvantages we could minimize them with a change of attitude. For example: use the time properly, when we are in class for attention on it and avoiding unproductive distractions. However despite its disadvantages of ICT, they have changed the style of life of people and their way in which acquire knowledge, but that knowledge is sometimes wrong and the worst thing is that many times we don’t realize. We must be more selective in the information they assimilate and make sure that the information is reliable, it is recommended to use pages of recognised organisations which give support and sustenance to information. L.I. Francisco Paulin Martinez Facultad de Informatica UAQ original author and source of the article.