Zambia Travel

Zambia travel are for everyone, who would like to discover Africa. The holiday season attracts travellers every year back to distant countries to the cultures there to learn. An insider’s tip, which has developed in recent years travel is Zambia. The fascinating country boasts an impressive flora and fauna not only through his wild national parks but also through the landscapes of still very untouched by tourism. Zambia travel are for everyone who wants to meet an initial Africa, because large parts of the country are not yet been researched and are under conservation. In addition to the well known national park in Zambia and the Victoria, there are also three of the largest wildlife reserves in the continent waterfalls. In the Kafue National Park, for example, you can observe animals in their natural environment, but from a safe distance and collect memories that will accompany a life. Definitely not travel but a visit to the Victoria should be missed at the Zambia waterfalls.

Pull any traveler in his spell and sustainable impressions can be taken. Zambia travel offer everything he wishes the tourists. Landscapes that might not be an imposing and impressive, and also all kinds of sporting activities are possible in Zambia. For the very brave and adventurous even a bungee be jumping or whitewater rafting. After an eventful stay in Zambia, you can connect a wonderful swim in the adjacent States in Mozambique or on Lake Malawi. There, you can relax on white beaches and process the impressions of what he had experienced.

Travel in this breathtaking country is an experience that will accompany each many years and gives you impressions, how to get them anywhere else in the world. Contact: Cobra Verde Africa travel Mr Matthias Gildemeister Bauer series 6a D-27726 Worpswede phone: 04792-952124 fax: 04792-952125 Internet: email: about Cobra Verde Africa travel: “Cobra Verde Africa travel” is a specialist for nature and cultural tours in Afrika.Die individual trips are planned according to environmental and social aspects and carried out. The many unique destinations are located in Western, southern, Eastern and Central Africa. With its Africa travel, the tour operator Cobra Verde combines encounters between people, culture and nature. The wealth of this continent can be an unforgettable experience for the traveler.