Wonderful Impressions

Treat yourself to visit the wonderful city of Kislovodsk, situated in the south of the Russian Federation. Kislovodsk is attractive for its healing waters and a fabulous man-made park, the largest in Europe. Hard to come to rest in sanatoria of Kislovodsk and not to visit this extraordinary park. Treatment in Kislovodsk even includes a therapeutic walk in his paths. Sanatorium Kavminvod happy visitors at any time. Gentle climate promotes the fact that permits in Kislovodsk understand Russian and foreign travelers in summer and winter.

The spa town of Kislovodsk, situated in the south of the Russian Federation, the winter it soft and short, summer lasts a long time, turns out that the plan vacation in Kislovodsk and ordering tickets to Kislovodsk possible in any season. The climate in Kislovodsk is suitable for tourists with a variety of diseases. Patients with heart disease or asthma treated in Kislovodsk, do not worry because a large number of allergens in the air or significant jumps in atmospheric pressure. Located at an altitude of more than a mile above sea level, Kislovodsk different ideal conditions for this kind of holiday. Sanatorium Kaminvod differ specifics of the proposed course of procedures. There are plenty of recreational facilities total bias, and there are and motels Kaminvod where is treatment aimed at a group of specific diseases. Thus is built in 1939 and completely renovated in 1986, the sanatorium Ordzhonikidze. Kislovodsk is famous for its "Warriors" drink – Narzanov, which is extremely useful for people with respiratory problems and cardiovascular diseases. Patients suffering from such problems, just need to opt for medical Course resort Ordzhonikidze. Kislovodsk, in addition to resorts, has a wide range of services for leisure. Because the acquisition of permits in Kislovodsk – a wonderful opportunity to relax with a great benefit and pleasure.