Veolia Transport Metro

Everyone knows about the beauty of the Moscow metro. And you would believe if they knew that there is a subway in the world is no less beautiful? It is located in Stockholm. Tunnelbana – they call it the local people. Although, perhaps, the comparison with the Moscow Metro is not quite correct, since these two monumental underground structures in architecture are completely different concepts. The Moscow Metro is allocated wealth and pomp of Soviet-style, with its marble granite and huge chandeliers. Swedish metro is created under the idea of approximation to nature.

Most underground stations built 'explosive' method. That is, the builders just blew hard rock, which is most of the soils beneath the city, applied to the walls of the minimal processing required for their stability, and then was invited by famous artists, so they do not stint on the fantasy and was applied to the surface of your natural fancy 'the rock' drawings. The result was what many now call "the longest art gallery in the world." Now the system includes the metro in Stockholm exactly 100 active stations, half of which underground, and one unfinished 'ghost station', which the locals are legendary. Is owned by SL. Subway service contract is on a competitive basis and are currently signed with Veolia Transport.

At all stations have information boards, which show the route the train, while his expectations in minutes. Upon arrival, board a train to indicate the number of wagons. All trains are equipped with keys open doors. Doors open with a delay of several seconds after stopping the train. Closing the doors is after the beep, sometimes with a voice driver with a warning about the closing. Each every driver in person looks like closed doors. At the stations, no mirrors, not all monitors have a tail and review platform. The stations are located at three branching lines. The youngest and picturesque of them – dark blue. Many beautiful Stations can also be found in the red. At this same site has descriptions and photos of each of the hundreds of stations. They can see and compare with Moscow and to decide whether any more beautiful, and it is possible by examining the pictures, decide which station is certainly worth a visit and see live.