$Tschankies And Planet Killer

$Tschankies and planet killer – renewable means of payment already thousands of years, our planet from disastrous, gerechtigkeitslosen mighty is dominated and ruled Stalin and Adolf Hitler, who stayed in their obsession for gods, such as the Pharaohs and other despots, such as Alexander the great. They felt invulnerable and invincible, in their unscrupulous megalomania. Murder and manslaughter were law. Dollars, euros, Swiss francs, rubles etc are their current weapons with which they go on humanity. Undetected and in the background of the world politics they act on the financial markets with the help of banks and ruling the Nations they play like today and has always been its worldwide destructive game. Make arms, to starvation, workers unemployed, medium-sized entrepreneurs to bankrupts and recipients of aid. They rob our children their future and make them criminals and deny them help out their troubles, which at night seeking their fortune on the streets. Alone and helpless they leave behind them.

Whole Nations let their addiction to money and robbed wealth, under the yoke of government bonds, which they were turned on them, and salted with interest rates and inflation, paid by the taxpayers – mercilessly perish. They call the whole fiasco that they organize consigns daily because their addiction and greed admits no alternative to money and knows. All Nations, States and also entrepreneurs made them with the power of their horrendous fortune in their dependency on network and necessary and blackmail her with their huge debt in the production economy and at the levels of national debt, which they did at the powerful and never and never pay them now. They work like the loan sharks without scruples. You speculate specifically with their billions and trillions on currencies and commodities and allow no nation and honest entrepreneurs come to breathe in. Entire Governments and all democratically elected parliaments dance – world to their tune.