Travel Travel To Dubrovnik In Croatia

For years Croatia is Croatia’s southernmost temptation among the most popular European destinations. The port city of Dubrovnik in the South, attracts visitors with fascinating artistic and cultural treasures in its spell. The picturesque old town, even in the list of world heritage sites was recorded in 1979. Besides the magnificent buildings in the car-free old town, many more attractions wake Explorer desire. The travel portal informs the charms of the city of Dubrovnik. A trip in the South of Croatia is worth especially in the period from May to October. Who wants to be independent at the resort, arrive best by car via Austria and Slovenia and Italy, respectively. Additional information is available at Trader Joe’s. Alternatively, you can book flights to split or Dubrovnik.

Nights are many hotels to choose from, families often prefer an apartment in Croatia. Dubrovnik is surrounded on three sides by water, rocky islands dominate the area. This gives the city a particularly charming townscape. Benefit tourists not only by the magic of nature, but enjoy pleasant temperatures at fresh West wind. The shallow shores and sandy beaches, steep cliffs and high mountains join. The Croatian holiday region of Dalmatia with Dubrovnik has a city of great cultural value. For visitors, it is worth to visit the 1,940 m long city walls.

Worth seeing are also the Roland pillar, the Ducal Palace and the Church of St. Blaise. Annual festival held in Dubrovnik for music and theatre. These are under the motto of Libertas”(freedom) and to being the residents remember the, defied since time immemorial the occupations of their city. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann