Travel Tips For Flying With Children And Infants

Good preparation is particularly important who undertakes a journey with the young, should bear in mind some things to make it as pleasant as possible the flight all involved. In the plane with one or more children it can be ever stressful. A good preparation is therefore extremely important. So a flight can be with children without great stress, parents should be aware of different points. The flight Portal has put together some tips. Already the choice of the destination should be carefully reconsidered.

Inside the aircraft are dry air and a low air pressure. Also, there is little opportunity to play for children due to the restricted space conditions. Parents should ask their offspring so no long-haul flights. Children react to new situations often scary. Small tweaks can help at an early stage to prevent the fear of flying.

It is advisable, for example, to take a trip to the airport prior to departure. So parents awaken the curiosity of their offspring here first of all from the Distance that can make aircraft inspected. The main thing is that children feel safe. For traveling with the young especially night flights are suitable, because in this way the usual sleep schedule is respected. Many airlines offer cots for children up to the age of six months. Air travel can cause nausea in some children. Medicines for motion sickness should not be missed in the hand luggage of the parents. They can be administered in case of need or already prior to flying. The pressure conditions are problematic for children sometimes during the start and land phases. Children are often unable to produce a fast pressure compensation can occur, for example, ear pain. Candy or chewing gum can help in such cases. Infant should suck the bottles or pacifiers. More information:…/ Tips fly with children and infants /… AERUNI GmbH Lisa Neumann