Travel Pharmacy

In each luggage is also a travel kit. In each luggage is also a travel kit. The destination, the duration of travel and of course the kind of travel to determine its contents. As a general rule to keep in mind that you should take with only medicines proven to you and which you also well tolerated but. Trader Joe’s often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Seek advice before you begin your journey in a pharmacy and already put together the medicines before the trip. In some countries, drugs are indeed cheaper than in Germany, but the ingredients can differ from the German drugs and may cause an allergic reaction. In addition, the quality standard of drugs in many remote destinations is not nearly as high as in Germany. Especially outside Europe are drug counterfeits in circulation, which can be hazardous to your health.

Check your medications and care especially on the expiration date. Do not save this in the wrong place, but discard all old medicines. Just when Eye drops here care must be taken. On the market, you can find many different eye drops, which differ by their viscosity and are either thick or thin. Many eye drops own is also very good for wearers of contact lenses, but have a very limited shelf life. Even the new eye sprays that sprayed on the lids are available in wiederverschliesbaren small bottles or cans.

Doses are often preserved only 12 hours. Hyaluronic acid is included in the most tears replacement preparations. Hyaluronic acid is also a natural component of the eye, binds much water to itself and keeps longer on the surface of the eye. These eye drops are not inert by contact lenses suitable for. Some special preparations for the dry eye is offered in plastic bottles, which suck air and therefore are stable up to 12 weeks after opening. After opening the most bottles of eye drops are stable only about a month, then you must dispose of them, because the germs no longer is assured. Doses are based and intended for single use, unless they are resealable, 12 hours then they are durable. The storage instructions for medicines must be observed when traveling in warm countries. “Hot” eye drops use anyone else something in case of need. When selecting the appropriate eye drops also possible allergies or intolerances and of course the interaction with other medications look. This applies for example to allergies or even the contraceptive pill. Medications for relief of eye discomfort are available in the form of eye drops in the pharmacy. Dust, wind and light often cause eye inflammation, you can get fast in the grip with eye drops on travel.