Travel Officer

Year 2009, Seville. Holy week is expected somehow by the influx of tourists brought to the city, quite a few jobs are created, on the other hand, the brethren are anxious to leave your Guild to the street, something that have been preparing for an entire year. Year 1595, Seville. There is quite a stir in the city, the Inquisition prepares an auto de fe, one more, this attracts people from the surrounding villages, brotherhoods of different trades have already designated representatives to iran along with Bishops and inquisitors to make the tour until the quemadero located in the Prado de San Sebastian. Year 2009, Seville. City Hall every year facilitates the different brotherhoods one-way free of vehicles and obstacles until the official race, cut the center of the city, which covers the route from Campana, calle Sierpes, calle Placentines, bread, plaza San Francisco square and Avenue of the Constitution until the Cathedral, (this is the official route which must necessarily perform all the brotherhoods) prolongation of the Constitution Avenue leads to the Prado de San Sebastian.

Seville is a chaos to circulate and parking throughout the year except during the months of July and August. Year 1595, Seville. The city authorities have facilitated Sheriffs to the Holy Office so they can carry to the plaza de san Francisco (locatd behind the Town Hall) the auto de fe chaired by the Cardinal of Sevilla and directed by the Inquisitor appointed by the Church of Rome and sponsored and protected by the monarchy which ran the moment. There are condemned to the unfortunate that had fallen into the hands of the Inquisition, then in procession along with other inmates the motorcade was heading to the Prado de San Sebastian, where those who were not burned at the stake were forced to witness such macabre feast for so purify your soul as they watched as they burned even her husband or wife and/or children of their own. Year 2009, Seville.

The authorities have adorned all official travel with garlands, flowers and banners for the passage of the brotherhoods, the brethren are happy, finally the expected day. The passage of the different brotherhoods heard someone asking what step is that?. At the end doesn’t matter, is one brotherhood, and cries of excitement. Year 1595, Seville. Authorities have adorned with banners across the plaza de San Francisco, chairs have been placed for the authorities that comes from outside and the city, the inmates step someone asks who they are, what else gives?, Protestant, Jewish or Muslim. In the end people forget them, one less us should rejoice. Today day has changed a lot, I wanted to make a parallelism, today no longer has the devotion that the guilds had 30 years ago, am from Seville, I was Catholic, enthusiastic me Holy week, from about 30 years ago, I’m what is known as Protestant (Evangelical Christian), today I don’t want to forget the Jews, Protestants, Gypsies, Muslims and even Catholics who died in the hands of the Inquisition by the mere fact of not embrace a faith that not believed, or envy, or as in the case of the Jewish, because it was the easiest way of enriching a few empty coffers by the vanity of their priests, bishops and Cardinals. they killed someone in a Jewish family and then expelled to others, but not before making donate to the Church all their possessions and riches.