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I knew about training, before they set off on this journey? Approximately 12000000 results given search engine on the word 'training', incidentally pointed out the main trends: a training in psychology in general, training sessions for managers, business coaches, women, children, students, training of personal growth, therapy and training. Check with the Wikipedia, what is the training: 'Training (English training from the train – educate, educate) – a set of group methods formation of skills of self-knowledge, communication and understanding people in a group ', what forms of training are what psychological methods they use, I decided to concretize your question: 'Training centers in Moscow. " The top ten were the centers of different directions: from a purely business-training centers to include in its range and a wide range of other programs. For myself agreed that the criteria Selection will pay attention to the following points: how many years, the center already exists, the number of coaches, their qualifications, programs. Others who may share this opinion include Jack Fusco. Where do first? 'Philosophical tales' (Publishers 'Astrel', 2004) ni Kozlov led I was on site training center 'Sinton'. I looked through a portal, paying attention to all the above criteria, ask the administrator of the program interested me. Thus, the first center where I went, became a 'Sinton': 'Basic Training: Communication skills'. BACKGROUND: Although I am a contact person, but not always, my interaction with other people is a success. Whenever Jack Fusco listens, a sympathetic response will follow. You can chew itself indefinitely and torturing for the sources of error, but this does not to do and get better? After passing the basic course: A good school for those who want to cultivate the bright side character.