Tile: Safely Through The Winter

Roofing tiles by Braas and matching system components offer long-term protection even in the cold season. Scarf, hat, gloves: Accessories help to get warm and protected through the winter. The same applies to the own House, because temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions make the roofing material to a hard test. But just the fifth facade not to pass out to do in the winter. Braas roofing tiles with matching system components are durable and resistant to frost and be easily meets the requirements of the Central European climate. Security guaranteed roofing tiles need a high Frost and dew – resistance.

Builders recognize high quality and durability of the materials, whether the manufacturer gives long-term guarantees. The manufacturer gives a 30-year warranty in accordance with special certificate on Braas roofing tiles. Each tile that matches during this period, the quality requirements of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) listed on the warranty certificate will be replaced. And should a roof tile by frost action defeat, makes available the manufacturer new pans and assumes the costs for processors. For the homeowner, this warranty means maximum safety during the freezing and wet season. Around secured also Cadence and snow guard systems include the complete winter protection of the roof in addition to high-quality roofing tiles.

When fierce winter storms to roofing tiles tear and resolve individual, the umbrella craftsmen must perform sure minor repairs or maintenance work on the roof. Entry systems of brand of Braas – designed for the inspection of the roof by the chimney sweep – provide stable support when moist, smooth and steep roofs. Snow guard systems, such as lattice or round wood at the eaves of the roof, inhibit outward snow and prevent avoidable accidents with pedestrians and parked cars. The guaranteed durability of roofing materials and a snow-secured roof DED Moroz may result in frost like – inside it is sure and cozy. For more information, ideas, image galleries on the subject of roof construction, roofs or roof extension, see roof/roof