The Well

I had to do inexpressive karerchik directly on the site. Practice has shown that the straw for the future of adobe house easier to procure during the pre-harvest. The following year, in spring or early summer to find enough Straw is very problematic. If possible, try to buy building materials in the winter or during the peak sales season. You can save considerably. For example, the material for the roof is the most expensive in the late summer – early autumn, when all is done and the walls began to roof. In addition, it may be that's exactly what you need to have inexcusably long wait.

In late December, roofing materials is significantly cheaper. Having shed a couple of near from estates, we buy construction materials in advance and at the lowest possible price. Have a sizeable savings, also during intensive construction delays due to the fact that something was not in stores or warehouses firms reduced to zero. Moment, which perhaps is more delayed construction of our home – the lack of a well or wells on the site. For cob need much water, too much.

We started work on finding no pre- site water. In a sense it was a big mistake. While on the other hand, well, we still do not, and the house is worth. It is unlikely that we would have a house, if we had the last couple of years spent in the well. The fact is that well we do not want a water in our area until we can find. Our site has sullied the reputation of the two lozohodtsam. Idly, we certainly do not sit. During this time, hand-made for 4 exploration wells by bailer. While empty, although the latter is not hopeless. With water we have largely solved the problem by inventing collect rainwater from the aid of a simple device as well ustelennoy vinyl and watershed from the same vinyl.