The Secret Of My Success And Wong From Bodegeros To Shopkeepers

1942: Opens a winery in san isidro (what today is urbanization Orrantia), at the corner of May 2; 60 Square meters and with very little capital. By then had not more than 10 houses in the surrounding area, but were very large and belonged to families of high level of consumption. 1949: The cellar grows. Don Erasmo Wong wide the bodeha to 120 square meters. He decides, also packed with furniture designed for the place. it hires an Italian Carpenter for such purpose. Defined three areas: the grocery, sausages and the Bazaar.

Eric Wong, Economist at the University of Lima, decided to manage the winery. This coindice with the opening of the import of consumer products. (With the military Government, he was forbidden to import that kind of products). Is supplied to the winery of imported products: Dutch cheeses, imported sausages, Corn Flaks, Gerber products, food for babies, etc. His older brothers had a farm and give price of farm chickens and eggs.

La bodeguita came to have 3 cashiers. 1982: At the become a great Winery, several brothers share management. Erasmus, the elder brother, decides to buy a House old and abandoned in Ovalo Gutierrez, which would be the second store. Expansion of the Dos de Mayo Winery, buying neighboring houses.Nuevamenta defined areas: groceries, sausages and perishable, liquors and Bazaar. 1983: The second store opens, they are now large stores. For its opening became burning Fireworks, something not seen until that time. 1985: With the defunct Epsa, buy two shops more.: Benavides of Republic of Panama and another in the Aurora Mall. Now become a chain of supermarkets, rather than supermarkets (they wanted be department stores, because they wanted to keep the personalized service). 1990: Opens the fifth store 1992: bought their premises with the closure in the chain Galax and all,. (Already habian dsaparecido Monterrey, Tia and Scala). They are now 10 stores Wong. 1993: The military invite them they rented them the bazaar of Chorrillos, because apparently, they could not do so profitable, were 120 thousand square meters: came out the first subway. MetroOriginalmente started in chorrillos (in the bazaar of the army) as a large wholesaler focused on restaurants and small businesses, but were unsuccessful, then they tried to become a shopping club and even tried to capture members of the nearby Sailing Club of Chorrillos, nor were unsuccessful and practically in his last effort decided to focus on population conlindante i.e. the buyers of chorrillos and the rest is a history of growth and success focused on serving the popular sector.Source: 27 laws of marketing in peru (74) 1995: sets the format of hypermarkets, after having lost by almost 02 consecutive years at the premises of Chorrillos. Opens the second hypermarket in Brena. From 83 to 95 added 11 stores Wong, 9 hypermarkets Metro, 7 Metro supermarkets. Wong’s sale to Cencosud January 2007 the Chilean Corporation paid nearly 500 million of dollars for 100% of the shares of the Wong group, by own local 23 of supermarkets, firm teleticket and 17 owned land in wong in Peru.