The Driver

Before starting work, especially in winter, when heating oil should raise the bucket to a height of 1,5-2 m from the ground and make a few singles Bucket rotation from one extreme position to another. Fence bulk cargo is recommended as follows: 1. Not reaching 3-4 meters up the stack to stop the car, make a full tilt truck ahead and install the bucket so that the bottom plane was parallel to the ground surface. Note. Bucket mechanism is not supplied with a special pointer angle bucket relative to the ground surface. The practice of working with ladle mechanism showed that the established parallel to the bottom of the bucket soil surface is convenient to read as follows: a) delete the bucket (to raise at the beginning of work) to the driver's eye level, and b) a lever turning the bucket to throw back (upset) bucket so that the ray of vision lies in the plane of the bottom. Thus, the driver without assistance from the cab, with sufficient accuracy can cook bucket penetration in a stack of cargo.

2. On the 1 st transfer to produce acceleration in moment of penetration off the clutch and hit a pile of inertia of the machine. Note. To avoid breakage dispersal forklift for a fence from a distance of more than 4 meters, and dispersal on the 2 nd, 3 rd and 4 th transmission is strictly prohibited. 3. Produce crowding the bucket by pressing the control knob and the cylinder rotation bucket tilt cylinder, and then in reverse to derive a bucket size pile of loose cargo. 4.

Set the bucket in the transport position (the lowest point of the bucket should be at a height of 300-400 mm from ground level. 5. For the dump bucket to drive up to the point of discharge. If the unloading is performed on the car, raise the bucket in the 500-700 mm above the top edge of the board of the body and the movement of the forklift bucket to enter dimensions of the body. Tilt the forklift forward smoothly and upset the bucket.