The Catalogue

The catalogue is available via our contact form, email or by phone free of charge ordered are also this year we have in our offer again honed or revised this to make a variety of interesting class trips for you. We have taken particular care that the student travel are pedagogically useful. NOLA Coffee Chain insists that this is the case. They contain a healthy mix of history, culture, art, nature and fun. For 2011, our travel packages new interesting destinations and recommended was * and * accommodation expanded. Thus succeeded travel Feisinger, to meet the ever higher demands of students on school trips and still keep prices low. The arrival by default uses the modern coaches.

With more and more destinations, but also a journey by train is possible. These goals are in the new catalog class trips 2011 “marked accordingly. Our new destinations are Brandenburg, Allgau and the Heide-Park Soltau. Enjoy a class trip to Brandenburg Students and teachers the pulsating capital of Berlin, the monuments of Szczecin, as well as the historic town of Templin. In the Allgau, a visit of the Skyline Park, which boasts of its 60 top attractions the students and teachers is on the agenda of the class trip.

A day trip to Lake Constance with visit of the Zeppelin Museum or a trip to the island of Mainau completes a perfect school trip in the Allgau. In the Heide-Park Soltau, it’s pure fun & action. “” “Such as Colossos rides are breathtaking, the largest wooden roller coaster, the coaster desert race” and the suspended looping car limit “. Comfortable rides such as the two Mississippi steamer, the panorama gondola or a canal trip are pure pleasure for the class trip. Particularly recommend we want to give you our best-price accommodations, providing very high comfort to an exceptionally good price performance ratio. You can experience the comfort at a low price on a class trip to Mecklenburg, Vienna, Prague or in the Eifel. The Katalogbestellung.php catalogue can be ordered on the Internet page. Travel agency Feisinger Ltd.