The Bars And Bistros Of New York

New York is a favorite destination for many backpackers. It is the heart of the United States, is a halo of financial institutions, museums, historical, artistic production and hedonistic nightlife. That's why any time lived in this great city becomes a memorable. Still, it is true that the budget may suffer after a visit to the city, which is why many backpackers choose not to go. However, the bright lights of New York do not have to be a hard blow to your account. It is simply seeking the most economical, because it exists.

For starters, stay in a helps save a few dollars. Moreover, these places are often perfect to socialize and make new friends with whom to party any day of the week. These outputs are those that can really affect our pocket, so we present a list of the best cheap bars in New York. Enjoy yourselves! The Blind Tiger Ale House on Bleecker Street This bar is famous for its happy hours, which hours are most days! From noon till 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, offers the chance to try a fantastic selection of beers at discounted prices. In the event that you have a laptop, you need to know that there is WiFi Internet access throughout the building.

Bourbon Street Located on the Upper West Side of New York, the bar (very popular among students) sells beer for 50 cents. As we repeat the last part, right? Beer … for 50 cents! Please make sure that your New York hostel is near if you want to go to this bar at night. Thus, when ye fun enough, get to bed will not be very complicated … Or so we hope. The Corner Bistro Located in West Village, Corner Bistro combines fast food cheap drinks cheap, which is not bad! A glass of soda will cost about $ 2. Bravest Another bar that combines cheap drinks with a meal is the Bravest, located in a quiet area on the East Side. People with very good atmosphere, this bar offers Happy hour is from 17:00 to 19:00, during which beer is served at half price. Welcome to the Johnsons Located on Rivington Street, the traditional decor of this bar invites you to feel some melancholy for times gone by. In fact, prices appear to have stalled at some point in the past, seem to have escaped inflation. 21:00 From prices rise slightly, but remain cheap even for those traveling on a budget of just set. Boxcar Lounge Although prices Boxcar Lounge can not be compared with those of the bars listed above, have one thing to mention: $ 5 cocktails. This bar is ideal for big fun without our pocket suffer too. Third and Long Although the name may seem like a typical bar and boring, if you go you will see that this is an authentic Irish pub. So, obviously, beer is almost an obligation and, Monday through Friday, the pots are sold for a pittance. The Village Idiot Have you seen the movie Coyote Ugly? Well, it may seem unoriginal, but with girls dancing on the bar and cheap beer, The Village Idiot becomes a bar with which many men have dreamed.