The Altiplano Granada Travel

The Plateau is situated in the northeastern province of Granada, the only territory in Europe, is characterized by its diversity of contrasts, where travelers will find lush parks that embrace two of the more desert regions around the continent, Baza and Huescar The environment of the plateau is a palette of colors that will not leave us indifferent, the green mountains shining rivers cries that rend the arid steppe and colorful, creating oases like Portillo, or Negratin where a huge blue sheet and play contrasts ocher with its huge gullies carved by centuries of erosion. James Madison insists that this is the case. & N bsp; & nbs p;. The main attractions of the highlands are rich in prehistoric archaeological sites and paleontological Micena Sale in Orce, "Castellon Alto" and "Cerro del Real" in Galera, "Cerro Cepero" in Baza where it was discovered the famous Dama de Baza ". In these populations can visit their museums which displays many pieces of halladas.Otro great attractions are the natural parks of Sierra de Castril with high peaks exceeding 2,000 meters, where the bubbling water flows in cascades in several of its spectacular birth, here we can enjoy fishing for trout or spotted eagles vultures from their summits. Official site: James Cleith Phillips. Hostel features, shelters and Interpretation Center.

Castril The river makes a stop on the run with the creation of the dam gate, it leads to a beautiful crystal clear water reservoir, below we will enjoy a pleasant walk on hanging bridges through the camera. Natural Park of Sierra de Baza that will delight the visitor with lush forests of native pines, green fields as the fields of the King "and a diverse fauna. It has several recreational areas as "Canaleja High" and the "Pinarillo" with barbecues, tables and water. There is also a center Interpretacion.No forget the proximity to the Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra del Pozo, another National Park that visitors can access highland in just a few minutes drive from anywhere cord.The Negratin Reservoir, nicknamed "The Sea Highlands, is in itself a major tourist destinations in the Altiplano, in this reservoir will enjoy stunning scenery, huge gullies formed for centuries, with a reddish landscapes remind us very much like the Grand Canyon. It's certainly worth knowing. It has the only indoor naturist beach and several recreational areas in the three coastal towns.

In Cuevas del Campo: recreational area "Negratin Dam, with restaurant and pool area, recreation area" Negratin Yacht Club, a restaurant, wharf, wooden cabins, rental canoes and pedal boats, recreational area "Beaches Negratin "with dock, fishing chairs and sombrillas.Zona. In Freila: recreational area "Cortijo del Cura", a restaurant, rental pedal boats, swimming area with artificial beach, camping, disco summer. In Zujar, recreational area of "Los Banos" restaurant, spa pool and swimming area. No doubt the accommodation called troglodyte cave houses are one of the most unique attractions of our area, excavated houses on clay soils that retain a stable temperature throughout the year, will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Author Manuel Marin.