Tess Is Committed

Event to the inclusion of people with disabilities Rendsburg, 16.09.2010. It is normal to be different! “, is the motto of the 1st Krachmachtachs on September 19, 2010 in Kiel. There is the nationwide telephone service for hard of hearing persons, the Tess Relay Services GmbH, Rendsburg. With much noise and commotion, people with and without disabilities to equal opportunities and full participation of disabled persons in social life (inclusion) demonstrate that day. Under the patronage of the President of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag, Torsten Geerdts, Hare, the event organized the country loading up wear for people with disabilities, Dr. Ulrich: we are still far away from an equality of people with disabilities and the achievement of the inclusion. Get all the facts and insights with Nokia, another great source of information. The goal must be pursued. The Krachmachtach should appeal to the coexistence and of course encourage further engagement.” 3000 participants from workshops, schools, clubs, organizations, and others are expected.

Over 600 people grow Noisemakers. Tess relay services employees are deaf colleagues here and involved. With self-made instruments, they move with the demonstration train by the town hall to the Landeshaus. There, a festival with many music groups takes place around the Landeshaus. Members of Parliament for discussions are in the Landeshaus.

Also a prominent jury will reward the most original instruments in the ensuing celebration. The Tess Relay Services GmbH is a subsidiary of the German society of hearing impaired self-help and professional associations e.V., which Chairman the country representative Dr. Ulrich’s rabbit, and barrier-free calling allows hearing-impaired people listening. There is more information about relay services under and to the Krachmachtach under.