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Today’s Internet is replete with various types of investment projects online. Almost every project in some way plugging the system of MLM. Thus is achieved molnienostnoe development of any Internet project. C the development of Russian-speaking Internet, many MLM projects carried over from the west, and many already have been opened on the engine of the Western pioneers. Now, according to expert estimates in the opening week of two investment Internet MLM project. and, behold, every day we get a proposal on the earnings in different projects. Understand them not everyone is sustainably carry. Here I will present several MLM proetov who are long-lived, and leaders in many respects.

Internet Project MFIP-group. MFIP – an investment group. In the project, you can invest money at high interest rates, as well as earning through the matrix compensation plan. After passing the first round in online project MFIP-group you will receive $ 4500 ($ 3000 in cash on your account E-gold)! After the second round will receive $ 20,000 ($ 12,000 in cash). After passing the third circle – start getting to 125 000 $ (cash $ 70 000)! +’ll Get ezhemesyano%% of the Investment Fund. Internet Project Cubfreedom. Clubfreedom – the Most Romantic Project on the Internet! If you really want, you can each month free to travel around the world.

The first trip for 3 people – Free! You can even go every month at 7-day trip around the World resort in 1500 with 3, 6 or 8 friends! On each trip you will have at $ 6000 on MasterCard to pay for all costs! If you will not be able to drop everything and go to rest – have the opportunity to earn good money closing Matrix Internet Project Clubfreedom 2 / 3 times per month = $ 12,000 / 18000 $ this = $ 144,000 / $ 216,000 per year! In addition, the project participants ‘Slubfreedom’ Investment Fund is available under the AF 3.4% per day! Internet Project GetawayClub. GetawayClub – clone Clubfreedom. All the same, + extra points. And this: * Discounts on Flights. * 5-fold better to the matrix: 1-2-4! * salary: 20400 $. In the matrix, only 7 places, 4 on the lower level. At the end of each matrix you get $ 100, $ 300, $ 3,000, $ 17,000. After passing the 4 matrices you re-housed in the new PLATINUM matrix that gives you the opportunity to once again receive $ 17,000, not walking path from the start. Internet project was created GetawayClub based errors Clubfreedom. In fact, the project still in RuNet shaft, but most of them are either clones or projects using the previously established principles. So far, nothing conceptually new has been established .