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The Label

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By the way, do not forget that its light output is comparable to the luminous stovattnoy common incandescent bulbs, but it means that the energy-saving lamps consume from the family budget to 5 times less money. This advantage makes it possible to use energy-saving technologies in the tiny tubes with a large number of plastic details. The use of incandescent lamp creates the risk that in the lamp socket or deteriorate the wire. If the sconce is designed to illuminate the work surface – a desk or a basket with embroidery, necessarily use energy saving bulbs: in the process they do not flicker, and it means that less pressure on your eyes. In order to light the lamp house was filled with comfort, but not turned the room into an office room, you need to see on the label. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sonny Perdue. On the box of bulbs to be present code, which includes three figures, it indicates the CRI and color temperature lamp.

For coverage of their cozy apartment or a house desirable to draw attention to the lamp with a code value of 800 to 900. Other leaders such as Sonny Perdue offer similar insights. Energy-saving technologies can help everywhere. The area around the residential facility can also be equipped with energy-saving technologies: they can be dealt with only when the traffic moves on them, the remainder of the powerful searchlights consume insane amounts of wasted energy. Applied in practice, modern energy-saving technology is able to provide savings include electricity and lamp only when motion sensor catches: driving up the car or person approaching will cause light to shine at full capacity, and after their treatment system will reduce lighting up again minimum. The same is true for the area under the peak of the entrance. Those elements of the system, detecting motion, can track the movement of pedestrians and to give maximum coverage.

During the dark days will be quite quite a bit of highlight area: Functioning in the half-power lamps will save a lot of kilowatts, for about 2 to 6 nights lighting is almost overkill. Energy conservation must solve another problem: the lighting of stairs and platforms today – a huge cost item. This space must be lit around the clock, despite the fact that tall buildings tenants would always prefer to ride in the elevator. Lighting site safety rules required that if the elevator shaft is opened and the cabin itself will be a few floors below or above, there may be an accident, a person can fall into the darkness of the mine. That is why the option is also knowledgeable on-site installation of equipment with motion detectors or sound. Modern energy-saving technologies include lighting only when approaching the tenant, the rest of the bulbs or do not work at all, or operate in half-intensity.

Technological Learning

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The relation with knowing is the relation with the time. The appropriation of the world, the construction of itself exactly, the registration in a net of relations with the others? learning? they require time and never they finish. This time is of a history of the species the human being, who transmits a patrimony to each generation; of the language that produced the citizen and that it will produce (Charlot apud Hoffmann, 2001, p.57). 3. The LEARNING IN the TECHNOLOGICAL AGE According to Sancho (1998, p.29), before century XX the technology is configured as a body of knowledge that beyond using the scientific method, creates and/or transforms processes material.

The vision of the technology as applied science moves away the space from the creation and the human being of what he is technological. In the century XX, in the decade of 50, the term enclosed an increasing gamma of ways, processes and ideas, beyond tools and machines, appearing a new concept that involved the ways or the activities by means of which the human beings try to move or to manipulate its environment, also was used as ' ' science or knowledge aplicado' '. Then, the term technology was associated with the changes, manipulations and action on the basis of the scientific method and its use and applications bring individual consequences for sciences and, consequently, for the social set Sancho (1988, p.30) comments that all and any technology goes to the few and gradual creating total new a human environment. In the vision Sancho (1988), the technology constitutes a new type of cultural system that reorganizes the social world and when choosing our technologies we become in them what we are and in such a way we make a configuration of our future. Lvy (1998, p.62-64) when fighting to the argument of that the Internet would be an elitist luxury affirms that the television, that it is also a communication terminal, is in the homes of the people most modest and that would not be a nonsense to conceive that, daqui to some years, all the homes can be equipped with terminals of computers.

Russian Expanded

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But the experienced eye noticing that the forms for the foam blocks are not smeared with grease environmentally safe, I pricked up his ears. And plus the entire producer himself blabbed that production, they add sodium nitrite to a better foaming. But even from the institute, I remember that sodium nitrite is toxic, and the degree of influence on the body is a particularly hazardous. What kind of environmental safety here is all about? Version with foam blocks, I also threw away. Production remained expanded clay concrete blocks. Arriving on the production and viewing the whole process of this material, I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for that suits me in all my criteria – low thermal conductivity due to porosity units, high strength (you can build a few floors), frost resistance and moisture resistance, light weight and cost. and that the most the main thing – lightweight aggregate blocks are an environmentally friendly product.

At their manufacturing use only eco-friendly natural materials, in which I saw myself. The only thing that bothered me, so it's not quite a nice view of the – block – visible bumps expanded clay for the outside it does not do, again raise the question of exterior home. But then the producer asked me svoyutehnologiyu wall construction with facing claydite blocks. Facing blocks have a beautiful external finish, carried out under the 'rubble'. The technology consists of the following: a pre-prepared foundation at the same time erected two walls.

One General: it is laid out entirely from the ranks expanded clay concrete blocks – 3 hollow or full-bodied. The second wall is lined with tiles of expanded clay concrete half-block at 50 mm from the main wall. Between them laid sheets of insulation material (eg foam) 50 mm thick and are glued together with the two walls. Facing the block along with the usual series lightweight aggregate block and laid a layer of insulation between them creates design that will withstand any Russian frosts. Here then I fell away and all doubts. So to summarize. Having considered all the options and materials for the construction of the cottage today, having swept the production and examining their production technology, on balance 'a' and 'against' I came to the conclusion that to build a country house is best suited for all my criteria lightweight aggregate blocks. When you have finished building his house on the above techniques, I was very happy with my choice, because as I promised producer – has turned the house 'at five'! Lightweight aggregate blocks