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The Many Faces of the river Let's start with what we know for sure. Reference data argue that Kudrovo – Village Zanevsky rural settlement Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region, located on the banks of the left tributary Ohta, rivers Okkervil. But this romantic name already complicated story. It is applied more on the Swedish map in 1699. Click SLAC to learn more. According to one source, the river got its name from the Swedish Colonel Okkervil, which in the 17th century the manor was here (Farm, land tenure). On the other, less common version, the modern name comes from the river it is the Swedish name Carven, as it was marked on the maps of Swedish 17th century. At the same Russian – meant to name Okarvila. We can assume that it is "O" is derived from the spoken forms of the Swedish word "river" (pronounced "oh-oh-oh").

The end of the same "eh" could join later to form more convenient to pronounce the word. In different times were at the River Okkervil Other names: Black or Malaya Ohta, or Porhovka Most Prokhorovka. The mysterious mansion in the upper reaches of the river Okkervil existed in the 16th century Russian boyar estate. Swedish land records book 17 Ages refers to a kind of Usadische "under the city Nien," and Russian book of the 16th century refers to the land on Okhta "under the old usadeschom" in boyarschine Khorosheva Ivan, and in the early years of St. Petersburg at the site of modern Kudrovo appeared German colony.

The Real Estate Market In The Town Of Tula

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The real estate market in the town of Tula began to rise slowly in the perspective of the buyer after the economic crisis. For their investment, many are choosing it residential property, because the question of housing (Especially in young families) always comes first. In the search for the desired square meter, there are many ways: the Internet, newspapers, real estate agents and even familiar, but usually it takes a lot of time, which have virtually no working man, and the forces on the study of the real estate market takes a lot. In such cases, real estate companies have become, simply, irreplaceable. Real Estate Agencies Tula began to pay more attention on the internet to find customers, creating their own corporate websites with their catalogs supply and demand. Potential buyers also have the opportunity to first learn all the information about the company, providing real estate services, and then immediately come to the office of the firm. The advantages of the internet:-comfortable;-fast; set of proposals.

All directories carefully sorted to easily possible could buy, sell, rent or any commercial premises, land, apartments in Tula and the region. Jack Fusco understood the implications. The easier it is to communicate to the visitor to the site of one or another agency, the more likely that he will be in the future client of this company. Any real estate agency in Thule offers a wide range of proposals, consult on the mortgage and legal support of real estate transactions, and, of course, polite agency staff ready to answer any question the customer. A wide range of services – a key to prosperity of the enterprise. Commercial real estate in Tula is gaining more interest buyers. Every manager wants that his company has developed, and is trying to do everything that the client came directly to him rather than to a competitor. Businessmen are very careful approach to the choice of premises for the company. In this case, takes into account many factors: location, infrastructure, state facilities, and even the territorial status of competitors.

The real estate market, each buyer is trying to achieve their specific goals. Many dream buy an apartment: "Here, buy a flat, sell it at the new price will be very beneficial to me. But we must wait for the growth of its price and then selling it just me. " And buying an apartment, the man thinks: "So why I did not hand over? Someone would have wanted her to take off at the time, and so I can earn income without leaving home. "

New Market

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Moreover, the secondary market following condition of competition. Holds a number of independent retailers, unlike the market of new buildings when the price of the entire volume of a particular house is an expression of political will company-builder. New buildings are scattered around the city in a discrete manner, and prices are subject to change due to forceful jerks solutions developer. This creates the illusion that housing prices have skyrocketed, or vice versa, rose. It is important to understand that the price of new buildings is not independent, as the apartments of the secondary market, and is a function of sales volume.

It can be much lower if need to quickly sell a large amount of apartments and return credit, or on the contrary above, if it is possible to slowly sell off housing at a maximum price. In other words, often the price of new construction is determined not so much a market as the chosen strategy of sales. Thus, although the new building and strong influence on the real estate market, but are a poor guide to identifying obscherynochnoy trends. Additional confusion can make sales activity, creating a sense of the boom in some periods and calm in others. But periods of growth and decline of consumer activity may be associated with a variety of factors and do not mean the correction in prices.

The overall level of housing prices can only be smoothed and averaged response to any such local changes. And the level of secondary market prices more in line with these criteria. Another hypothesis is the notion of the existence of the curve expressing the change in the overall level of market prices.