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Navigation Systems: Help In The Relaxed

Published / by Syd

Navigation devices help time and money on the road to save. Who ever is driving with a printed map in the passenger seat through a foreign city, will appreciate the comfort of a GPS-driven navigation device. The reliability of these devices has made a big leap in the past few years. Unfortunately, it is often actually the truth that women and maps are not a good combination. Sure, there may be even ladies who know this and for men, which also slightly hard the orientation maps.

Fortunately, navigation systems were invented for these cases. Now, it should be no problem to fight without any problems through the urban jungle. The Navi makes it easier to come good on the goal so people with poorly trained sense of orientation. First, such devices found application in the military sphere. Today, they help truck drivers, as well as individuals to find the right way. Of course is it every now and then Mishaps. Therefore, it makes sense to do not just blindly rely on the device.

In addition, attention should be paid important signs. Then, rides that end up in a river or remain trucks that hang under bridges, would be safely prevented. Currently being developed because the latter problem a special navigation system, which is specially designed for trucks. There the driver to be notified then in time bridge height and narrow streets. Insert remaining trucks would then finally belong to the past. Who is a device wants to create, should worry in advance about some things. There are navigation systems, which are meant only for the car. Some people want to use it but at the same time on walks or bike tours. It must be properly weather-resistant. In addition there are variants permanently fitted navigation systems as well as mobile. Mobile navigation systems are secured usually by means of suction in the car. Thus it is very flexible, what use concerns. Andreas Mettler

The Interior

Published / by Syd

The driving is easy first finding of seat and Fahrprobe: the salient Characteristic of the Hyundai ix20 is its simplicity. You can find a suitable position immediately, the gears slipping slightly, but exactly through the gate, the steering is smooth. Together with the compact turning radius, all the ingredients are gathered to tiptoe through the tulips to cruising through everyday life. The engines are tuned harmonically, the suspension remains on the soft page, rumbles in rough road bumps only every now and then. Sporting talents, such as by the dynamic design of the rear suggests, remain though, not be missed but. Other strengths include in this class. Push and klapp what to expect in such cars, is the art of transformation. And she has mastered the ix20 thanks to the 13 inch sliding rear seat.

It is located quite rear, sitting in the rear as adult imperial. (Source: Celica). Pushing above the seats, get a 440 litre trunk, which about flipping the Fund seat backs on amazing 1486 extend litres. In the higher degrees of facilities (with the diesel engine as standard) there’s also a variable Trunk floor, which can be attached in two positions. Plus: The backrest inclination of the rear seats can be adjusted; Minus: The back of the passenger seat will not fold forward, which would facilitate the transport of long objects. The large glass roof is still not available in the first contingent, helps the small van but an airy ambience,…… as you can see from the inside perspective.

Much equipment to the amazing money the standard equipment of the ix20 is extensive. In terms of safety he has ESP, ABS and the full airbag cushioning; for the convenience of the height-adjustable leather steering wheel with audio remote control, the sound system with USB and aux port, the air conditioning and electric Windows are standard front, the electric mirrors and central locking with remote control. Also the well-being on board is guaranteed: the seats are comfortable, the processing is solid, only one notes page views of the cost of the plastics of the instrument panel and the decorative strips. You must whilst not unfairly be a comparison with the partially sensitive higher prices of the competition has the conditions again in the slot. Here count practical talents, and it has enough of the Hyundai ix20. The Interior is about clean fitted even in the basic version, with height-adjustable leather steering wheel with audio remote control or air conditioning. The sense of space is equivalent to the class default. The conclusion: Practically, but not square the Hyundai ix20 offers lot of car for the money: above all, but also transformation ability. To do this he impresses with pleasant handling characteristics, ease of use and low maintenance costs thanks to the economical engines. That he also still looks good for all these functional virtues and athletic is on the road, is not an error. We are always demanding. by Peter Saenz, autonet.at