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Drawn To The World

Published / by Syd

During the first three or four weeks the babies will be in charge of his mother, so do not worry, the cat takes absolutely everything: food, care and even education. If for any reason the cat can not feed them, we must resort to artificial breeding. When the kittens want to accept it, ie to the third or fourth week of his life, he begins to give additional rations and prepare and weaning. First will be offered, preferably in the morning, in which condensed milk will have crumbled a bit of bread or flour dissolved baby. When the kittens are accustomed to this way of eating, you will be progressively added a bit of raw jade. The quantities will be small at first and will be increased depending on the appetite of the animal. However, they will continue to prefer bread and milk but meat. From time to time be soaked bread in meat juice instead of milk.

Little by little, increase the menu with other foods. Between the sixth and eighth week, unless the cat is very robust and kittens are not more than two or three, should be gradually separated from the mother of his kittens tender, first after an afternoon and all night. Milk production will decline gradually and without causing problems. If the separation of the kittens is sharp, it should be given to the cat a spoonful of paraffin oil and give little food for a day or two. It must feed these kittens, incorporating food slowly so that you ensure all nutritional components.

On the market are ready to feed young cats. Kittens often have intestinal parasites frequently, but are best treated after eight to ten days of weaning. If it has spread to the kittens from their mother before they started to suck, it does not require special care, but give little food for three or four days, not fondle her breasts and, if they have a very relaxed, alert the veterinarian. If it is impossible to care for or give to kittens, it is best to contact a humane society, removing them is a cruel and inhumane procedure that should be rejected. While the best option if you can not have many cats at home, is to sterilize the cat.