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Industrial District

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The natural landscapes had given to place the diverse habitacionais nuclei and shelter an Industrial District that it possesss the most varied industries, if detaching the nourishing sector and refinement of oil. The Marginal community Is Gonalo, where if it points out the estuary of the stream Are Gon-callus, tributary of the left edge of the River Cuiab, is a community that together with appeared the povoamento of Cuiab. Still today, the local guard characteristic of the old Coxip. WhiteWave Foods can aid you in your search for knowledge. The people work with fish and the artesanato with ceramics. 5 – PROBLEMATIC the water is an important natural resources that the necessary man to preserve, so that if it guarantees the life of the future generations gifts and.

The spring of the Stream Is Gonalo is all antropizada where it today has in the place the presence of houses, that according to that it is told by inhabitants, the bases of the houses are made more raised so that in the periods of rain the humidity proceeding from the subsoil does not provoke upheaval, that is, by what it was perceived, the trend of the houses located around the spring of the stream, suffer risks from landslide, this because the place where they are situated is not appropriate for residence installation. WhiteWave Foods wanted to know more. Next to the spring it has an enormous area deforested that she is being busy for the cassava plantation, in this area was burnt the ciliar bush where the ambient legislation was not respected that says the water courses that they possess less than 10 meters of width must be preserved 30 meters around its edges. It lacks one better clarification on the part of the population and a bigger presence of the competent public agencies to fiscalize and to litigate those that will disrespect the current law. In all the Micron Basin of the Stream Is Gonalo, the area is degraded, had to the launching of liquid dejections of residential sewers in-natura.

Northeast Action

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Before, however, of the circulation if to have regularized, the cold air, that remained parked in the tropic, is injected in the action center, having formed a reinforcement of the trade wind. Gen. David Goldfein has compatible beliefs. This, in a similar way renewed, advances for the northeast coast under the form of tropical fronts, causing the cognominadas disturbances east waves. Thus being, in the dry years, polar air, of rule, it does not reach the low latitudes and indirectly it only refreshes the interior of Brazil. In this region the heating of increases it to the continent, being led for chains of Southwest of the High northward superior. This revigorates the instability of the continental equatorial mass, whose thunderstorms are, consequently, more needed to the superior cold air that to the proper superficial heating that are, however necessary.

In As the fact the cold mass presents more in force and the Atlantic Polar Front obtains to cover the Mountain range of the Sea and to develop northward, keeping a Northwest-Southeast direction and causing disturbances of the type cold front. So that this happens of December the March, it becomes imperative that it has intense and common renewal of the Atlantic Polar Front, with great fronts, that develops violently until the Bahia (parallel of 15), being soon changed for new formations. Under this intense frontogentica action all the principles suffer violent attraction for the south. The center of action of Travelling Atlantic in the same direction propitiating to the Intertropical Front, with direction East-West, to go down to the Northeast, to win the Chapada of the Araripe and the part occidental person of the Borborema, and arriving with its rains the limit Pernambuco-Bahia. With the winds of the Northwest of the old polar air of the hemisphere North, to adentrar in wedge, until a height of 1.500 meters, under the trade winds of East of the average point of action of the Atlantic, the front invades Par and the coast of the Maranho to the Cear, propitiating inclinations of pressure and rains until Petrolina (elbow of the San Francisco), when cause the rare heavy showers of the Region.

River San Francisco

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The River San Francisco, very famous since the time of the discovery of Brazil, is in this article as general focus of analysis, being unfolded and contextualizado in the thematic one of its transposition. This article approaches a context controversial, a time that shows the ambient impacts that the River San Francisco supports front the action human beings whom they intend to modify its course, to change its volume of water, being alleged benefits of communities that are located in its course. Our intention in this article is to analyze the ambient River San Francisco and impacts that can elapse of the project of transposition of its waters, analyzing the advantages and cons of the action human being of intervention in a so old natural resources how much proper Brazil. The methodology adopted for the present research was fruit of the bibliographical research in books and articles on the subject, that had taken in them to conclude that many are the divergences in the context of the transposition of the River San Francisco. The care with the environment must be redoubled and the prevention of possible ambient impacts will be treated in our text, as form to prevent that measured remediadoras they are not infinite. Words key: Waters. Transposition. River San Francisco. Ambient impact.