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Mediterranean Sea

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Plan your visits a day duration and mountaineering in the beautiful fall season, the best time to visit Barcelona. Winter is never unbearable in Barcelona?an exception of welcome from the extreme winters in the northern hemisphere.The climate of Barcelona?Spain is fairly mild in winter and allows tourism ship to sail with comfort.The average temperature in Barcelona during the winter season is 12 degrees Celsius, which occasionally drops below 10 degrees Celsius. January is the month colder climate in Barcelona?Spain.Little frequent snowfalls and winter in Barcelona weather forecast includes frequent showers.Therefore, it would make sense carry warm clothing and rainwear together with you. Spring presents a very nice stage Barcelona’s climate.Spring here sees a temperature average which extends from the 13 degree at 20 degrees Celsius.It is not surprising, the spring is a prosperous tourist season in Barcelona. A feature of the climate in Barcelona?Spain is well defined stations.The best time to visit Barcelona is during the months of March to June and in September and October.These are the times when the climatic conditions are neither too hot nor too cold and the current weather in Barcelona (Spain) is always just perfect. In fact, the climate of Barcelona exemplified in conditions of bright light, sunny and temperate climate is thought to be ideal for practicing golf.You can aspire to their holes, dressed in t-shirt, even in November and February. Now cross the threshold of Barcelona you will experience various climatic conditions.Coastal areas on both sides of the coils of Barcelona in summers warm and from June to September are the season, experiencing the busiest tourist traffic.Summer in Tarragona is unbearable and the Girona, with its pleasant summer is the summer resort preferred by residents of the city. The climate of Barcelona?with his mild temperament it is ideal for tourists who want to escape the South burn and the cold of the North.Until the month of December in Barcelona it has heat in the store for you while you sit and watch the Sun sinking into the Mediterranean Sea.Barcelona’s climate reflects the spirit of Spain, which is certainly very interesting..