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Manipulation Tools Propaganda

Published / by Syd

Many people think of hypnosis and imagine a loser with whiskers and a pocket watch that puts people to sleep and makes them comply with all orders, how to act like chickens or forget your name, or imagine a charlatan that is dedicated to asking people to close their eyes and say nice things. While it is true that hypnosis can be used in this way (especially in the middle of the show), this is a very small image which is very far from reality. Hypnosis uses mental processes of individuals (and particularly non-conscious processes) to direct your mind, emotions and thoughts. Hypnosis can be considered a form of manipulation, and like any tool (like fire), can be used for constructive or destructive way. There are even warlike to hypnosis applications, since it can be used to demoralize, confuse, cause emotional damage and many other destructive applications.

Of course, in its positive side hypnosis is just as powerful. It can be used for improve memory, cognitive ability, emotions, persuade, sell, among other things. One of the most powerful applications of hypnosis is what is known as conversational hypnosis. This is a Variant that differs from traditional hypnosis that isn’t explicit: the hypnotist works without the hypnotized knows that you are being hypnotized. A remarkable form of conversational hypnosis is hypnosis ericksonian, developed by Dr. Milton H. Erickson. Many hipnotistas say that one cannot be hypnotized if he doesn’t want to be hypnotized, though this is only true for them: they can not hypnotize if the subject does not want to, but this does not mean that it is impossible (much to the contrary, propaganda, and the mass media have made use of this powerful and verifiable manner).

Do so if you think that you are in total control of your mind, ask yourself: you decide what you do? You probably realize that there are attitudes, customs, and even tics or automatic reactions that you have learned to do and which they are out of your control. Many people want to believe that cannot be manipulated, and all you get with this is be much more impressionable, that believe that they can not be influenced by others their own unconscious not permitted to occur has when this happens. Deceive themselves and thus are much more vulnerable to persuasion. The best way to protect yourself is to learn how our own mind and that of others, which are tools that are used to manipulate and ways they act handlers, in order to be well prepared.