Sweden Discover

A travel destination in the heart of Scandinavia is situated in the heart of Scandinavia Sweden presents itself as a travel destination of special construction. To date, there are only a few people who were not already once in thoughts in Sweden and are striped with Michel and the children from Bullerbu through the Woods. For many, the Nordic target is until today a yearning country that receives a very special charm through its endless appearing Woods, the deep blue lakes and the little red wooden house. Sweden has a special culture, which also travellers never missed. So the outside the box look from the first day, if you spend your own holiday in the Nordic country. After all the Swedish highlights are often off the traditional tourist track. The two largest cities in the country among the great highlights naturally.

Gothenburg and Stockholm are among the most popular destinations in Sweden and have already as important tourism Backbone can discover. But also the Gota Canal is a trip highlight of exceptional kind. Official site: billing degrees. As one of the most popular waterways in Scandinavia, the Gota Canal in Sweden each year attracts guests of different ages. Sweden is also a country which is for a family holiday as made. After all, many places that specialize in children can be found just to the South. Astrid Lindgren’s world must be called this above all, that Spotlight children’s eyes from the first moment can be.

A holiday in Sweden you should miss in any case. But not only in the summer, you can discover the heart of Scandinavia. A true feast for the eyes is Sweden as a travel destination during the winter months. Who dares in the winter in the northern climes, must forward to impressive impressions by the auroras, which dancing left their mark. Swedish Lapland is one of the most popular winter destinations in Europe and offers snow action for the whole family.