Strict Coffee

King of the main person in Sambodrome, stands which can accommodate 70 000 (!) Audience, and length of 700 meters. In a carnival attended by leading samba schools, each with 3 to 5 thousand people. Given topic (related to the life of Brazil), in which each school prepares its output. After the signs with the name of the school followed its staff and celebrity, then a carriage ride 'destagues' with puppets up to 10 meters in height, surrounded by half-naked dancers. In his speech, the school evaluated not only dance but also the costumes and song. And all analyzed in detail the strict jury.

Participants of the action takes its place on the mobile platform, and God forbid a mistake in motion, keep to the rhythm, or lose some costume! It is for us tourists, so simple and fun for the participants and schools is an exciting and important event. Note that full nudity is forbidden, but many variations on the theme! During the carnival fun get away from everything. And the food is no exception. What they eat and drink in Brazil? At the heart of many Brazilian dishes rice, black beans and cassava. Brazilians are accustomed to seafood broth, churasko (mutton barbecue) on the lattice, feyhuada soup. Last meal has 300 years of history associated with the slaves. Remains of pork from the tables of their masters, they were mixed with black beans that fed cattle. Portuguese sausage tossed back, and the Indians have filled in the flour mixture with cassava oil.

So there was a very nutritious and tasty dish that is served to the table today with cabbage, oranges, and pepper. But the main thing in this dish – its ability to transform a landscape. In the soup get those products which are easier to grow in a particular locality. Do not be surprised that feyhuada so different! This dish is served Caipirinha – a drink, which includes a vodka made from sugar cane, sugar and lemon. Of course, the Brazilians trying to please tourists and fit a kitchen with European habits. For breakfast you will be offered scones with butter, make an omelet. But do not deny yourself a piece of papaya! Yes, the smell of the fruit quite specific, but it is very helpful for the stomach, especially if it is to start breakfast with him. Brazilians say the chicken broth with rice the best cure for all diseases. So if you feyhuada too exotic, boldly bought this stock. And if on the contrary, I want the novelty, remember the following names: "zhakare" (a dish of alligator) and "de guasado tartaruga" (stewed turtle). For breakfast and lunch exceptional coffee. If it is preparing a Brazilian, he will not give coffee to boil. For day local drinks up to 24 small cups of coffee. And the constant Brazilian fruit – banana: fresh, dried, dried, roasted. This "bread of the tropics" comes to sweets, marmalade, jam and ice cream at. Great coffee, rapid football, terrible capoeira (a mix of dance and fight). Crocodiles and piranhas in the deep tropics, the dazzling rich villas, hot dances … All this is Brazil – fun, sun, barefoot! Tokarev, Svetlana