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Germany wellness-ver leader attracts again with exclusive special offers: wellness checks for 30 first-class spa getaway packages. A new edition of the last rare Mercussini hotel and Wellnessfuhrer 07/2008 now appears on time before Christmas \”-a first class check-book with attractive vouchers, which together ensure considerable price advantages while relaxing. Thirty exclusive hotels and Wellnessressorts in Germany and Austria provide savings at the wellness short break to MERCUSSINI owners exclusive savings with an average of 190 euros for two. Because the second person pays only 50% with cheque of Mercussini wellness contained in the book or is completely invited. The premium Wellnessfuhrer with high-quality wellness cheques (vouchers) is supported and by celebrities such as actor sky du recommended Mont. The representations of the hotel and wellness checks various editorial posts provide tips for wellbeing treatments and life in the balance. \”The word wellness\” is on everyone’s lips. \”\” Expensive and not for me \”say some, relax and feel good\”, find the others.

But even the latter face the challenge, that not every offer keeps what it promises. On average takes a Wellness vacation 2.6 days. That is not much time to regain strength for your everyday life. Who expected an effect in such a short time, should make the choice of his wellness very conscientiously. Just those who though the money, but hardly any time for themselves who are well advised to spend the most precious hours of their lives in the right place. \”. (tlw. Quote of the German Wellnessverbandes) the team of Mercussini known by the highest quality has not easily made restaurant checkbooks of in Germany, which are available for 20 different regions to gain the appropriate hotels as a partner. We show where you still can indulge and where wellness is understood not only as a mere concept, but as philosophy and service of the House\”, explains the wellness expert Robert Raghavan.