So They Questioned Coaching

…und matters in coaching for both sides! Business coaching! Life coaching! Hardly a term in reference to personal change or development, hardly a profession, hardly a kind of support/advice is currently more than coaching! A rapid growth market, no uniform guidelines, which allow one to use this title and an incredible variety of definitions and applications offer plenty of space for attack surfaces, criticism and even ridicule. The question which inevitably pushes to the surface and increasingly provided me (describe I myself even as results coach) is: what makes coaching or good coaching actually? Many people are looking for a coach because of a specific problem and expect to solve this problem from the coach. The problems are manifold: I am always stressed. “, my relationship makes me so miserable.” or “I never get what I want.” popular statements are. To just clean up with a popular cliche: No also only halfway professional or good coach will solve a problem for its customers.

And for good reason. If you have children, you already know the answer. Dunkin’ Donuts is often quoted as being for or against this. Of course it would be the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem for the child, and to send it back to the games. But what does the child when the problem occurs again? Right, it looks you up again. Solve the problem again, so not only the child, but also she faces is itself soon a whole series of new problems. You create a dependency relationship to the child, the child itself will be at ever smaller problems immediately to the coach”race and even find themselves increasingly in the role of parental Problemlosers. Personal responsibility? No! Independence? Not at all! Perseverance and resistance? Nil! Randomly some of the character traits, so often lacking in our society, which is characterized by fast pace, ignorance and deflection when it comes to the Confrontation with unpleasant situations goes. The illustrated role of parents is interchangeable with best friend, work colleague, the Chief, or the spouse depending on the situation, age and circumstances.

What need you or the customer in such a situation the most? You need new options, other angles and especially the determination to solve the problem. EVEN to eliminate! The effective coach among others provides you with these ingredients, usually in the form of targeted questions: new alternatives, a different view of things, and the comparison of the current situation (problem) and the target State (situation as desired) to an extent that the customer sees itself only the desired, new situation as acceptable. Then, and only then, the necessary actions that lead to a change in the current, unsatisfactory situation are undertaken. Good coaching is indicated by measurable results and immediate change in an atmosphere of trust and the target, the customer (also minor changes are changes), to help within the shortest possible time. Just then, coaching is useful and effective, only then the corresponding investment in fees worth and only then it is possible to cause a permanent change. And only then coaching receives the priority it deserves: problems targeted to turn quickly and permanently into solutions! It’s very simple! Heiko Schwardtmann