The practice of tattooing in Borneo has a rich tradition and a very long history. Borneo tattoo done by hand. The paint is driven into the skin using sharpened sticks of metal, one of which acts as a hammer. This method allows you to make a brighter picture, and eventually he did not decolorized. Some types of tattoos – is not just an image, a kind of ritual. The tattoo on his wrist does not give the soul leaving the body. A tattoo between thumb and index finger means that its owner was a 'hunter '. But that's another story.

Traditional roses are still popular among the older generation, while young people prefer to come from Asia, dragons and female characters. One of the masters of the tattoo from Borneo as comments on people's desire for a traditional tattoo. He believes that some tattoo aficionados are well versed in modern tattoo machines, want something more natural, primitive, which In their opinion, will more fully reveal the essence of this ancient tradition. Even deeper mystical meaning carries a Thai tattoo Sak Yant, which since ancient times, Buddhist monks are doing. Known for over two millennia Sak Yant way came from India and was adapted as an integral part of Buddhism. This type of tattoo is credited with the mighty magical powers: she allegedly protects its owner and alienates him from evil forces. Specialists believe that this is the most painful way, but it gives an opportunity to get diverse and stunningly beautiful pictures.

In addition, they carry a hidden meaning. From the mind of just 'coming out of the coils'. With respect to Singaporeans, they do not flaunt their tattoos. Sure, they have many, including women. For example, one of the artists told me that here appealed to him a woman with a 14-year-old daughter, and together they left the show with the decorations on ankles. What can I say? People do tattoos for different reasons: the love of art, religious reasons, as a tribute to fashion, from the masochistic tendencies, their stupidity, as proof of his love and devotion and etc. Whatever the reason, it is clear that tattoos – a phenomenon that is destined for immortality.