Saragossa Spain

In order to investigate on consumption subjects it enters to According to the second informs into the United Nations on the development of the hydric resources in the world, the planet earth confronts the shortage of the water. Many people do not have access to the potable water and 40% of the world-wide population do not have basic services of cleaning. In order to sensitize and to concientizar on this problematic one, from the 14 of June to the 14 of September, SARAGOSSA EXPO is realised in Saragossa Spain -, the fair that reunites in a single place 108 countries of the 5 continents to spread to the message of Water and sustainable development. the fair counts on 22 pavilions, are distributed responding to specific subjects: Pavilion bridge, tower of the water, rain, pavilion of the arts, mountains, extreme water, the Light, Sub-Sahara Africa, Tribune of the water, Wind, Thirst, Latin America, Cities of the Water, Oiko, Community of the Caribbean and Balcn of the Mediterranean, among others. The central subject of the fair is Water and sustainable development and has like mascot a drop of water that call Fluvi, that in Latin means river of the life and that is one of the symbols of the fair at world-wide level. Saragossa Expo has activities for all the public. The children are of the most important guests and is why they have his space in the vestibule Web, where Fluvi (the mascot) educates to them by means of interactive activities on the importance of this hydric resource. Another one of the activities propose in Saragossa Expo is the tribune of the water, a dedicated space to reflect, to debate and to find solutions from 10 thematic axes.

In this Tribune specialistic of different countries they present/display the subject of the water and the sustainability. Saragossa Expo also has entertainment events and for that reason daily different spectacles like Mayuman are programmed, samples of cinema in tribute that will surrender to him to the Buuel film director, the Cirque du Soleil of Canada, presentation of electronic music, between many other activities. The purpose of Saragossa Expo is that all the countries of the world center their attention that the water is a vital resource that it is being scarce.