Rules Of Conduct In Hotels

Rules of conduct in the hotels are the same inside and outside, and they do not depend on the level of the hotel. Everywhere should be simple, natural, polite, considerate and abide by certain rules of etiquette. In Europe, the USA and other civilized countries in the door drive to the hotel doorman opens the machine, it also puts your stuff in the cart, he also takes care of and that it drove into the garage or on a hotel parking lot. After providing all these services he should give a tea. In a small hotel greet the host and the servants, porters, cooks. The same is true in a large hotel. But in a small can greet the guests and the hotel decided not to do so.

If you have the hotel there was a requirement in any service, you need to call and notify the service personnel. Rules of etiquette forbid gentry, but you as a guest, put some services and your right use them – for example, to order breakfast in your room. By the same author: Jack Fusco. You can access a telephone with a request to call you at a certain hour. The corresponding room service will help you to make inquiries about transport, tickets and luggage. A maid or valet will clean your clothes and look. Returning for lunch, we note that wanting to get in the room, you must call the restaurant – the night before or morning. Restaurant menu is usually available in the rooms that convenient because You can select what they want. After some time the waiter will bring you into a room and breakfast, which is already served: tablecloth, cutlery, hot drinks in a thermos, and all covered with cloth to keep warm.

You can open the door to a waiter, wearing a tracksuit or a bathrobe – that’s normal. After the waiter brought breakfast and took a napkin, you must sign the check and give him a tip- approximately 15 percent of the amount of the order – despite the fact that most hotels in the account and include payment for room service. After breakfast, you can roll out into the corridor cart and a tray on which was brought breakfast. If there is a need to wash anything from clothing, then you should call the maid; do not need, if the bathroom is a plastic bag or basket for dirty clothes, which are automatically delivered to the laundry. Pat clothing usually maids. In relation to the service personnel must abide by the hotel perfect politeness, always say ‘please’. If you are applying to anyone asking, thanks for service, tipping, and immediately after the execution of your request, if she was single, or at the end of your stay at the hotel, if you use the services of staff time. In his room must comply with the order, to maintain purity, not haphazardly throwing things and other items to cover the bed after you get up, do not spoil and does not bother without the need for neighbors.