Research Proposal

It will go to determine the relations between the 0 variable that had given origin to the research problem. In other words, it is a to be defended thesis, as ' ' reply provisria' ' to the research problem raising in the previous item. It is a testvel proposal that can come to be the solution of the problem. Requirements for hypotheses: ) the logical consistency: the terms of the statement cannot be contradictory and must be compatible with the current scientific knowledge; b) the enrolled facts must be verifiable, passveis of evidence; therefore the use of the moral, religious concept is not admitted transcendente; c) the conceptualization must be clear and understandable; therefore, necessity of necessary terms and if preventing generalizations; d) it does not have to be based on moral and subjective concepts and to prevent adjectives as: good, bad, young, old, current, obsolete, harmful; e) must make use of a theory that gives sustentation to it. 3? Objectives the definition of the objectives explicit what the researcher wants to reach with the research work. Objective is synonymous of goal, end. Here you indicate, clearly and accurately, what you want to make, that goals you want to reach with its research, unfolding in: 3.1.

General objective: It indicates of generic form which objective must be reached. He is on to a global and including vision of the subject. One becomes related with the intrinsic content, wants of the phenomena and events, it wants of the studied ideas. One directly associates with the proper significao of the thesis proposal for the project. It stops to construct this topic answers the question ' ' So that ' '? 3.2.

Specific objectives: The specific one enrolls (s) objective (s) (s) that they will have to be reached by the execution of the research proposal. They present character more concrete. They have intermediate and instrumental function, allowing of a side, to reach general objective e, of another one, to apply this the particular situations.