Red Army

But I think the main penalty Russian mafia leaders were arrested during a visit to Prague in May 1995.37 (Dunn, 1997, p.82) e. About 20 Germany 50 Russia believes criminals operating in Germany are from the Moscow region. Many Russian gang members were stationed in the former German Democratic Republic during the Cold War and therefore had contacts there. Its principal activities include prostitution, car theft, extortion, drug-related crimes, counterfeit currency and trade in arms and radioactive materials. One third of all crimes conunitted in Germany is estimated that the work of Russian criminals. According to the German Federal Police (BKA), at least 10,000 Russian women are forced to work as prostitutes in the country. Stronger the eastern German cities, Berlin, Frankfurt / Main and Hamburg. (Dunn, 1997, p.83) f.

Hungary In 1991, more than 1,000 Russians deserted the Red Army during the last week before his retirement in Hungary. Many resorted to professional activities. As a result, Russian mafia activity is relatively high in Budapest, where gangs tend to use the contacts nurtured when the Red Army bases. Activities focus on smuggling and car theft, prostitution, extortion and protection. Increase in Budapest bands are becoming more specialized in economic crime, money laundering, for example, the purchase of Hungarian firms in the privatization program.

(Dunn, 1997, p.83) g. Italy At least six Russian mafia gangs are believed to operate in Italy. Its activities include theft, smuggling of arms and drugs, economic crime and extortion. Some of these operations in cooperation with the Italian mafia groups, "Russian gangs are more powerful in Milan, where he focused on economic crime.