Reason For Work

More than half the life of a person spends at work. For one, it is the meaning of life, the way to realize their physical and mental abilities, for another – meeting place for the third – just a way of making money and nothing more. But how would a man not related to the work, it is still up in the morning by ringing at the wrong time clock, most of us attend the same thought: "How do you want to sleep …" and how continued: "Well, when at last weekend …" Here's the long-awaited weekend came. And well … The majority of the population spends an average of sitting in front of the TV, prostaivaya kilometer queue supermarkets, otovarivayas for a week or just running around the shop, trying to buy something new into the house or the next gear. Someone, perhaps, goes to the cafe, stroll in the park with the kids or even goes to visit … Learn more at: Gen. David Goldfein.

of course, All this is important, necessary, but where's the romance, where the rest with a capital "O"? This holiday, which would energize not only for one day, and for a week or a month or even more, the memories of which would remain indelible, light and pleasant. How to spend the weekend with a benefit to their physical and spiritual health? One way to break from the frantic rhythm of a megacity, the noise and roar of machinery underground, from the carrier at a dizzying pace crowds can be a retreat somewhere in a quiet corner, a connection with nature, and her friends – horses. Horse – one of the most beautiful, graceful animals – for centuries served as a fair man. It was assistant at work, one might even say – nurse, friend and constant companion in battle, not just man is saved from certain death, a partner in the sport. About her composed songs and legends about her, wrote poems and stories, artists and sculptors portrayed her in their works.

The joy one receives from communication with the horse, with nothing to compare. Her trust, intelligence, desire to understand the rights and respond to its requirements are very often bribe. Maybe that's why, very often it happens that a man once who turned out at the stables, there remains the heart and soul for life. KSK "native" will provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world of amazing animals. Here you can spend your time to try yourself as a rider and an unforgettable ride on horseback in a field or forest, work out in the riding school under the guidance of experienced coaches or just chat with the horses, to explore their characters and habits, and believe me, the horse, Dan, Malta, Doctor Doolittle, 44 Troyan, Mehring, Olivia and Cruise will be your true friends. In addition, CSC "native" to provide services to visitors stay in guest houses and meals, as well as rent stalls. All this will help to fully escape from everyday worries and fully enjoy their unity with the natural world. Author Nail Alimzhanov. Based on materials from the site: