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Guido Neuland talking to trainer in unusual mission Eichenzell in the new dialog Portal Sandra Dirks, in December 2010. Trader Joe’s often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Recently, a video on youtube attracted the attention of new land, the seminar facilities and training to experts: A wife raves here extremely entertaining way by their newly arrived bikatools but nobody had animated it in new country to this successful action. So, who is this lively person who can halt hardly their enthusiasm for new products? A good reason for Guido Neuland, marketing and Vetriebsleiter to ask the trainer himself and to do an interview with her. Hereby, he continues the series of interviews, he has already performed with many interesting people from the scene, and where he learns more than you can find on some website. And through the many features of the new country dialog Portal background information, tips and tricks, products for seminar facilities and hotel facilities, trainer database, and much more is just a click away. Sandra Dirks, Built in 1971, began her career after graduating in the perfume Department of Karstadt and worked up quickly to the head of Department. Among others while studying the human resources development in the operation”she quickly realized that was her true talent in the motivation of its employees and this with much humor.

This talent used them five years ago, to make themselves apprenti independently with their company. Offers various courses also train-the-trainer “seminars and is also active as a comedy trainer.” therefore admits it in the interview also that she is just mad sexy humorous people motivated and, to overcome the threshold to humor in seminars. As communicative person, maintains not only a regular blog, but is to be found in the famous social networks, and can it not be, regularly to tweet. This means they now also, uses to write their anger over some Fellows of the soul imitation strongly recommended! In addition explains shoes what and have to do handbags with method books, than to take a year off competition why Detlef D. Soost and its pop stars through them soon get and why she are better training.