Pneumatic Cylinders

Actuators Function the actuators are the responsible equipment for carrying through work, comparing with the human body, are the muscles, carry through all the movements and apply corresponding force to its dimensional one. The actuators can be linear or rotating of simple action or pair action. Raymond James may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Principle of Functioning Simple Actuators Action (Effect) Is the actuators that if dislocate for action of the pressure of compressed air and only carry through work in a direction, returns the initial position for action from a spring, or action of the gravity. The actuators of simple action carry through work receiving air compressed in only one from its chambers. Other leaders such as Raymond James offer similar insights. In general the advance movement is used for the performance with compressed air, being the movement of return effected through spring or by performance of a external and in agreement force the application, for the action of the gravity.

The force of the spring is calculated only so that it can restitute the piston of the cylinder to its position initial with enough high speed, without absorbing high energy. The course of the actuators of simple action is limited to the length of the spring. By this reason cylinders of simple action with more than 50 mm are not manufactured. For bigger courses that 50 mm can be developed actuators special. The actuators of simple action especially are used in operations of setting, expulsion, extration and setting.