PLC Project

Summary: With the increasing one of the electronic industry, we aim in this project the automation of a mat with total controlled greenhouse for a PLC in order to minimize costs and to optimize processes. One searched innumerable forms to automatize this process, aiming at costs and praticidade, we opt in using a PLC of the ACTS to be used in the part of control of the project. Type barrier with sender and receiver for the recognition of parts was used sensory, through on relays to the sensors we manipulate the movement of the mat and aberturadas the doors of the oven that are on the two engines direct-current. Due to lack of in projects of low cost and good functionality in equipment directed I deal to it and the industry, findou for motivating the proposal of an alternative system and that it takes care of these perspectives of the market. For accomplishment of this project a system of control for operational is programmed being this responsible for the automation electric mechanics and. Excessively component studies will be presented on functioning and used for development of the operational ones of the project. We still stand out, that the main challenge will be the elaboration of highly efficient project the low cost of production, in order to motivate the commercialization, remaining accessible to the economic reality of our country.