Paradise Beach

However, the ratio of quality-price-sea-atmosphere, and the like leads nevertheless Bulgaria. Rent apartments in Bulgaria really be divided into two variants. One – a living space in the old fund socialist times, such as 'chicken coops' that southern Russia or in the Crimea. Prices for such placement "savage>> can rejoice even students. Second – apartments in capitally renovated or new buildings that meet modern standards of quality. Prices for them, logically, would be higher. Moreover, these apartments are booked correctly through a tour operator in advance.

First, the new houses on the coast of Bulgaria is not so much, and secondly, you will be able to consider all the details in the photographs. Except this, rent an apartment or villa in Bulgaria in September and May, as in many European resorts, you can rent. In high season, which usually occurs in July-August, tenants prefer to move to weekly wages. During this period, the rental price of apartments in Bulgaria ranges from 1000 euros up to 300-500 euros per week. In this case, should not expect any amenities, and the fact that rental housing will be located on a small distance from the sea. However, because of the crisis and the appreciation of the currency rates for rental apartments in Bulgaria this year, rose slightly. Resorts on the north coast are the most luxurious resorts of Albena and Golden Sands, Naturally, apartment rental (services, food, restaurants), there is slightly more expensive than in other towns.

Rental apartments in Obzor Kranevo and around Varna, performs the most affordable option. On the south coast are many elite quiet villages, such as Paradise Beach and Elenite, where shall brand new modern apartments. Although most worthy, optimal price-quality places Bulgaria's reputation for being the town of Sozopol and Sveti Vlas resort. A bit of food in Bulgaria. Eating in Bulgarian restaurants, says the practice is much tastier than the one offered by the hotel. Study of local restaurants – it's great fun, the prices they very low, portions of the volume. So, taking off in Bulgaria apartments, with respect to food you're unlikely to regret it.