In the holiday house guest at the old Fritz leisure guide a combination of holiday house magazine and current travel guide holiday rendezvous with Brecht, Schmeling, Fontane and a ZDF film makers city country Lake: Brandenburg surprised Frederick anniversary with great nature experiences Hamburg, February 2012 thanks, Frederick! For the 300th anniversary of the birth of the great looks the world in Brandenburg and its various anniversary events, Prussia events, historical spectacle. y agree. A good time to learn and love the new know the area around Berlin. NOVASOL, house leader in Europe, has long recognized the charm of the landscape and the cultural wealth and brought a 70-page special catalogue on the market now for Brandenburg. It complements the more than 250 pages strong Germany catalog, which was established equally fresh. Financial planner will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The unique of the catalog is its mix of holiday house magazine and current travel guide. In cooperation with the Tourism Marketing GmbH in Brandenburg NOVASOL informed of on the one hand particularly attractive holiday homes “in the Uckermark, Prignitz, or in the Spreewald forest, on the other hand presents Brandenburg Guide” many tips for trips for families, Friedrich fans and athletes.

Also leads the ZDF Conservationalist and filmmaker Andreas Kieling (“Terra X: Kieling expeditions to the last of their kind”) the reader to his haunts in Brandenburg, Germany. Thus, one finds a removable leisure guide with references to the most interesting Open-Air stages, Castle Festival, and Friedrich celebrations, but also tips for wildlife enclosures, climbing parks or water ski areas in the middle part. Finally, Brandenburg offers not only beautiful nature many NOVASOL houses are available in the oder-spree and the Dahme seascapes or directly on the Scharmutzelsee Lake, where is already Bert Brecht and Max Schmeling had a rest from the hustle and bustle of capital. Brandenburg is also a rich culture biotope, where you discovered in Rheinsberg Tucholsky, in Sanssouci without worries on the road is and while walking through the mark met Theodor Fontane.