North Island Sentinelsky

Formally, North Sentinelsky island is under the jurisdiction of the Indian (with Andamanovymi islands). But in fact this is probably the most independent territory on the planet – for the simple reason that its residents are unaware (And do not want to suspect) all the rest the world. Tribe sentineltsev believe the last of the primitive peoples that were not addressed by civilization. The thing that originally was located on the outskirts of the island trade paths (in general, on the island of exiled convicts Andamanovy) and nobody had little to do with his conquest. Especially the local population, barely catching sight of passing ships, immediately began their attack. Credit: Apple Music-2011.

In general, the savages decided not to mess with. If you would like to know more then you should visit Putnam County Memorial. In the 60s of XX century, when all the other primitive tribes have been studied thoroughly, and then integrated into civilization, finally reached the hands of anthropologists and to sentineltsev. The island has been sent boat with a gift, full of optimistic scientists and photographers. As might be expected, as soon as the boat was at a distance of arrow flight, as it was immediately attacked. Scientists are not confused.

Under a hail of arrows, they sailed to bank, left gifts on him (the pig, a doll, coconuts, metal utensils and a few plastic buckets) and with dignity left. Gifts have been met with cautious curiosity. The doll and immediately buried the pig, the red bucket and metal utensils made with obvious delight, and the green bucket rejected with contempt. However, gifts received are not disposed to native donors. The next time they met again, scientists hail of arrows, some members of the tribe (probably because of the special contempt) have started to mate with their women right in front of anthropologists. The spectacle was certainly very informative, but researchers then still decide to leave sentineltsev alone. Since the 90s among anthropologists began to cultivate more respect for the primitive peoples (in the end, the majority of them were only memories), and the North Island Sentinelsky finally declared a closed territory. Now the manners and customs of local people watched exclusively by helicopter. So to this day do not already know either the number of people sentinelskogo nor his language, nor culture. In case of the strong interest on the part of adventurers and arrows at his ass the Government of India has included the waters of the island of the coast guard. That is, if you can even come close to the island, you will be arrested, fined and sent home. It seems sentineltsam still managed to defend its independence from the tourists.