No Positions Can Not Be A Process Of Effective Communication

Those who work in public relations and advertising have to agree with this axiom: In communication, perception is reality. And when I speak of a communication I am referring to commercial advertising campaigns, corporate strategies, public relations activities, political communication, advocacy campaigns, crisis management strategies, in short, any process aimed at changing or fixing perceptions in the public or our customers. If we are not clear communicators that all our work should focus on generating positioning, we need to think much about it then, suddenly, we are not doing relevant and therefore investment in this regard could not deliver the expected results. The principle which gives rise to the concept of positioning is that a the reality is not as important as the perception I have of her . Therefore, we must measure and be sure that our perceptions of communication campaigns and corporate image are creating in our public hearings or goal. What, then, positioning? Positioning is the mental place that took the design of the product and its image when compared with other competing products or brands. The positioning can be applied to: Marks and / or consumer products, political candidates, public officials and all persons engaged in some sort of leadership or social influence, as well as offers political and social ideologies, work programs, ideas , projects and anything else that requires consensus and public acceptance.

It is important to note that the position exists independently of the subject or brand position, which indicates that if in any case our target audiences will have an opinion or position about our company or brand, the best is then generated. There are three possibilities to generate Positioning spontaneously by adversaries strategies for strategies subject's own position A on the communication and corporate image is often the case that many organizations let the public will eventually find out what they are and what they do, without worrying too much because this happens, just forgetting that "you look like you try" a An annual plan public relations and corporate image and communication must be clear what the position to be generated. Just as projected sales and marketing objectives, the image must also be planned and designed. If our institution is in contact with the public or transcendental turn is popular, it is safe to speak of us, good or bad, everything depends on us. How do we help generate position from the standpoint of communication? I summarize in this short sentence: "Saying a few things, many times, through many media and target audience." In conclusion, from my point of view, without positioning any idea process communication can be effective. You can read about this and other topics Related pressing. Oscar a Rossignoli is editor and responsible for a website developed to train media professionals in general to design and implement effective communication strategies in their capacity as directors, independent consultants, or from their positions as public relations, advertising, journalists, directors of corporate communications and / or any other position that requires extensive and updated knowledge for effective performance and immediate positive results.