Niedersachsische Elbtalaue

Profit code or luck code in chips bags, catalogues, screw caps, SMS, emails and yogurt cups, mousepads, labels and websites… the inventiveness of the agencies are no limits. The principle is proved and this simple: winning codes are built from a set of numbers / characters corridor on to competing products. The buyer of this product in accordance with the rules with the Fortune code proceeds and this corresponds to the predetermined winner-code, winning promised from is the lucky. Are always here to distinguish three types of promotion: a).

any luck code is a winner. Practical application: who submits ten happiness codes, this receives a T-Shirt. For 20 lucky codes there is a football poses, etc. for the Organizer, he can appreciate the number of players and the prices very difficult too much success can be quite harmful. Against the risk of excess success offers the PROMOTION screen through an over Redemption or fixed fee protection insurance. (b) the Organizer itself determines what luck codes from the set of numbers / characters corridor he raises on his products. The code fixed advance as the winner can, must not be located but the issued codes of happiness.

The probability of a hit can be calculated and quoted. The PROMOTION screen secures such promotions for a few percent of the selected price. It is possible to put in six – or seven-digit prizes at a cost of several thousand euros. (c) the customer makes his personal profit code itself, as from the date of his birth. This padded the predetermined winner code, belongs the price to the end customer. For this variant, the PROMOTION screen provides various solutions for on – and offline games. More information: ThePowerBehindPromotions headquartered in Bleckede in the biosphere reserve Niedersachsische Elbtalaue designed innovative promotions with a probability of winning any, secures the PROMOTIONAL screen from the winnings and assumes the risk of discount, addition – and money-back actions in Germany, of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg and others. Since the sum of the risk quite at large promotions may lie in the two – or even three-digit million euro range, gives you the company in each case about partnership related international risk carrier appropriate reinsurance contracts. ThePowerBehindPromotions UG Ingo Philipps great cruise 1 21354 Bleckede Tel. 05852/9515810 fax 05852 / 9515811