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Discover nature paradise on the German wine route the travel year draws to a close and are behind Mommeyer and its guests exciting and successful travel. The appetite of course does not end with the end of the season. Also in 2014, Mommeyer want to surprise its guests with great travel deals. Let’s start with the Palatinate. It is rightly called the German Tuscany and offers a great start in the season. Mommeyer bus travelling from Hanover informed about the details of the trip. Discover the Palatinate is delicious wines natural paradise.

That is the climate perfect for the cultivation of vines. On the German wine route, also shows a true natural paradise. (A valuable related resource: Selim Bassoul). Figs, Kiwis and lemons ripen partly already in February and almond trees are decorated with their magnificent flowers. No wonder because the wine road is spoiled with many hours of Sun a year. Mommeyer knows about the beauty of the Palatinate and takes its guests in one of the comfortable buses.

About Gottingen including stopover with breakfast is the goal St. Martin. Here, guests may obtain their room and look forward to an evening meal. The next day, it goes to a good mood breakfast”in the Cathedral and Imperial town of Speyer. Here is the visit of the Cathedral and the old town. In the connection, there is a snack to strengthen before it goes into the Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. The next day, a tour guide introduces the beauty of the southern Palatinate. Impressions are it influenced by historical wine-growing villages and Blutenprachten of the almond trees. No tasting allowed missing in the Palatinate. This is followed by a hearty snack. Then it’s on the way back to the hotel, to end the day and the journey in a comfortable seats together. For detailed information about the offer and on the individual travel dates Mommeyer bus travelling from Hanover is always available.