out of bed. " Prices for food were set at middle of the Yalta: two-course breakfast 75 kopeks, dinner – of 4 – 1 rub. 25 kopecks. Next to the "second" Hotel was built by a fashionable restaurant, "The Fountain." It has a large double-height hall and the facade had three separate vhoda77. Like the hotel, restaurant building was richly decorated with carvings. You may find that Debbie Staggs can contribute to your knowledge. Around the restaurant housed a "complex pleasure" – a terrace for those wishing to partake of food in the air, an elegant scene, sink, where from August 1 to October 1, from 4 to 10 pm, indulged by a specially invited audience orkestr78 military.

Here arranged dances and concerts touring artists. Much attention is paid to its owner Gurzuf park. Old park was substantially reorganized, there were planted many exotic Mediterranean plants. Everywhere, the trees were set fanciful and graceful sculptures and fountains. Kind of symbol of the resort has become a fountain Gurzuf "Night" – intricate construction in Baroque style. The most original fountain was a "fireball", where the water splash with electric light. "The entire lower portion of the upper park and – wrote attentive to all kinds of technical delights Dr. Shchepetov – lavishly illuminated by electric light, which gives the possibility of living here enjoy walking in the air until 11 o'clock at night. Electric lights (from 600 to 4,000 candles) and a bulb with a filament of Edison, is available on all major points and alleys Gurzuf Park and in general develop much light as from 72000 burning candles.