You just leave all the hard work you’ve done that successfully allowed future trading. You have abandoned their education and learning. You’ve abandoned the wisdom that will allow you to be consistent with success as a trader. Just started trading history, and it is assumed that the negotiation on the future price movement. You trade what happened, not what will happen.

By not being willing to be outdone, are installing to stay out. If you’ve been having thoughts, or have acted as described, has a terrible problem with greed. Why? Because greed is never enough. You can not satisfy the greed. Greed wants more, and more. Not all trade is trade. Not every trade has to work for you. You have to be satisfied with being a reasonable share of trades that fit the description of a good trade. Some of the offices in turn, become great trades, others are good trades, and a certain percentage of its operations will be bad. No way around it.

Not every good trade will become a big business. When you enter a trade according to its rules and operations plan, you have no idea whether or not it will become a good business, much less a great trade. The reality of trading is that, as one might try, you can not know the future. Every time we miss a step and then try to find some pattern, indicator, rationale or changes to make to what we are doing for the next time you do not miss the “great” movement is part of hunting something magical – a continuation of our quest for the Holy Grail of trading.