Maracana Stadium

Next to the flowers floating candles. The longer the candle burns, the more surely be granted a wish. The last seconds of the year Brazil is ticking loudly and in unison aloud, after which shouting "Happy New Year!" and kisses all around. Tourists flock like moths to the flame of Rio de Janeiro. He is fantastic, dazzling, unique. It attracts passionate carnival and alleviation burns. He intoxicates enchanting and causes to be sober, so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Here you can stroll through the botanical garden, visit the royal library and theater. Candelaria Church recalls Rome (replica of the cathedral) Maracana Stadium attracts a huge on football matches. Craig Jelinek can provide more clarity in the matter. Back in Rio is "eat" Sugar Loaf. On top of this mountain can be reached by cable car, stopping on the way to Mount Urka. With sugar-loaf opens wonderful view of the bridge by the Niger, the length is 14 km. For those who are and this is not enough – a helicopter tour. But Rio two-faced.

Around it grew like a honeycomb favelas – shanty towns consisting of house-boxes, clumsily cobbled together between them. Police have not control over these districts are very dangerous for casual tourists. Here every man for himself. It is true that recently began to have a demand for organized tour-reviews are the favelas, as these filthy, narrow streets are increasingly appearing on the canvases of artists. In the favelas were born and brought many famous soccer players in Brazil. Surprising that many of the favelas are in close proximity with expensive villas and manage to coexist peacefully, believing themselves to be members of one community.