All the moments, all the souvenirs in such a way good they as bad, the times that we cry, laugh, drink and play, our fight and misunderstandings, where I go for everything this? Where I go to play as many moans as much thing that we live, and all the times that swear you me to be always to my side and today were, and as I go to be now? How I go to have life, if my life was your life, if in some way I already was accustomed to live inside of its life and you in mine, I do not know more floor with my proper feet, my dream, my hope, they were all composites for you, and where now I go to find courage to jump all my fears? force to face each hammer blow of the life, because of some I only faced everything thinking about you, in positive possibilities to be with you, I have absolute certainty that nothing that I lived with you I go to come back to live of the side of another one somebody, because he was everything so only, something that came so of you, and I age submissa only your words, and what I make all with this love that I still I have for you? If I keep in my chest it to it I press he hurts and me if I try to play I outside I feel lack and an emptiness, if I try to have your friendship my look for you still follows as our old love and if I try to be far from you my look I want to follow only you and to know as you this or if he feels, I want to follow each step of your same life hurts that me to the extremity, I I do not know what I make of me, I am feeling a nothing, because the biggest impediment that we have is not the world or the people and all the difficulties, we are only we ourselves and perhaps the absence of will force, I lose the forces to fight and the will of living. I ask for to comfort the god, but to the times I find that it is not the sufficient because when I reserve me is alone you in my life because each detail mine remembers you to me, because I am composed of its small details. Loved I you very yesterday I loved, you today, I landed on water tomorrow and I go to always keep to you in me, and all the ways that of given hands we walk, and go to follow to get used and to try to accept that with you I cannot, but to be despite of my love this in flames.. .