Latin America Travel

An interesting innovation for the selection of Latin America Group just went online, the South America travel portal to offer a widest range of travel offers with focus Latin America. It brings together numerous Latin America Group tours of various well-known Organizer into a website. I check every offer. It could be the offer of my life “, said Henry Ford. So you must browse not infinite many websites looking for the holiday of his life, the South America travel portal has been created.

It allows the customer to compare the respective services on only a single home page, without having to make bookings via the portal supplements compared to the original offer directly from the organiser in purchase. It absorbed more and more travel in the range of the South America of travel portal. In this way the holiday search should be made as pleasant as possible. As an interface between potential tourists and the actual providers offers the South America Travel portal the opportunity to search travel – no matter what time Central and South America, as well as in the Caribbean. Various filter options with which you can restrict your search, for example, on certain countries or activities, allow a gradual narrowing the selection.

In addition to tours with different focuses, the portal has also special trips in the programme: trekking tours, cycling trips, language or train journeys are examples of how the customer can set priorities in the design of the holiday. But even cruises or family travel can be found in the selection. In the blog of the portal, to inform the client about the countries and by reading the numerous travelogues awaken the wanderlust. Here you can find current information about news from the destinations, be it an airport renovation on Easter Island or the reopening of the railway line to the Devil’s nose in Ecuador. The three founders share their travel passion and fascination for Latin America in particular. With southern sky tours, a tour operator for individual tours, they have collected already valuable experience in the field of travel. The team of the South America of travel portal also remember the consequences of long-haul travel. Therefore, a part of the profit of each booked tour will benefit a social or ecological project in the respective destination. Press contact: Americas travel portal GbR Graf-von-Stauffenberg-Strasse 15 86899 Landsberg am Lech your contact: Christof Sauer phone: 08191/33 11 185 0 fax: 08191/33 11 185 9 E-Mail: